Noah’s never been a stranger to snacking. Especially on the sweet stuff. You might even call him a professional snacker. Throughout his career, even as an infant, he’s been known to finish entire bags full of candy in a single sitting. Which, of course, would always be followed with the familiar feeling of regret, because candy is supposed to be bad for you. Or so he thought.

Sick of being unable to enjoy his greatest passion, while balancing his healthy lifestyle, Noah undertook a mission to satisfy sweet tooths around the world eager for a snack that’s both tasty and healthy. And Pink Panda was born. 

Made by the candy-conscious for the candy-conscious, Pink Panda may just be the first candy company in the universe to be 100% guilt-free. May you never sweat the sweet stuff again.

We pandas are always learning from the brightest candy minds and only ever satisfied with the yummiest results. So when we were developing our flavors, we went to the source of all things sweet and partnered with the wise and wizardly confectionary food scientist known here on out as Dr. Allie Lu-Los. Maybe you’ve never heard of Dr. Allie, but as one of the most experienced confectionary consultants in the world, you’ve likely tasted her work. She definitely knows her sweets, and her latest collaboration with us just might be her finest contribution to the candy universe yet, if we do say so ourselves.

We’re here to solve an age-old problem: how can we satisfy sweet cravings and balance a health-conscious way of living? In partnering with anonymous industry leaders such as the originator of Jelly Bellys (we’d say exactly who, but we’d have to unfriend you), we tested endless iterations of taste, texture, flavour and product size in order to align with consumer preferences. After taste-test upon taste-test, of which none of our team pandas protested, we were able to find the sweet spot. 

Keeping total sugar under 3g and total calories under 100 per bag, our proprietary formulas represent the latest innovation in confection. Sweet, huh?

The Pink Panda Community's Impact

1% of every Pink Panda purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
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